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Developing safety further and anchoring it sustainably in the company.

"Safety P.L.A.N."

Efficient methodology for developing your company’s safety strategy



Employee satisfaction and the associated high levels of motivation and productivity are becoming increasingly central to the strategic focus of many companies. The logical consequence of this is to ensure a high level of employee safety. This is why more and more companies are striving to strategically anchor the topic of “employee safety” and go beyond the legal requirements.

With the “Safety P.L.A.N.” programme, the strategy development process is learned and the company-specific content, objectives and measures are developed.


The offer is a hybrid solution consisting of

  • Consulting services through personal coaching before, during and after the workshop
  • Training elements to explain the conceptual context, current trends and solutions
  • Workshop in small groups to address the individual situation in your company
  • Sharing of experiences, best practices and benchmarking in each group


  • People responsible for employee health & safety
  • Division managers & safety experts


“Safety P.L.A.N” is a methodical support to develop a safety strategy in 4 modules.

  • Presentation of the modules
  • Individual development of the key points for your own company
  • Discussion, feedback and coaching

The aim is for participants to have completed 100% of the strategy development process and 50% of the strategy cornerstones by the end of the programme.

Moderator & Coach

Ing. Betr.oec. Peter Cavada
Founder of CP-Consulting, many years of industry experience in the development and implementation of strategies in the areas of sustainability and “health & safety”

"Safety P.L.A.N." Concept

The “Safety P.L.A.N.” system is divided into four steps.

  • P.erformance – Recording and assessing the current status using key performance indicators and benchmarks
  • L.ocalize – Gap analysis and evaluation of the status quo
  • A.daptieren – Definition of the strategic objective and determination of the 3–5 key measures based on “Safety Excellence Tools” (S.E.T.)
  • N.avigieren – Determination of individual key elements for successful implementation

S.E.T. – “Safety Excellence Tools” is a collection and description of instruments that are systematically used by leading companies and serve as a basic pool for the definition of possible individual measures.


The legal framework conditions with regard to employee safety have been implemented and the company should or would like to develop further and strategically anchor occupational safety.

Participation fee

  • Structured preparation
  • One-day workshop
  • Handout with presentation documents, checklists, work forms, etc.
  • 2 hours of individual coaching, 6 to 8 weeks after the workshop
  • CHF 1,950

Cancellation conditions

  • Cancellation up to 4 weeks before start free of charge
  • Cancellation thereafter CHF 450
  • Rebooking possible depending on availability


You can find the registration form on the website:

Register now

Upcoming dates:

  • 21.06.2024 – Basel, Switzerland – UVEX Academy
  • 28.06.2024 – Ruggell, Liechtenstein – CP-Consulting, kommod conference center
  • 08.11.2024 – Basel, Switzerland – UVEX Academy
  • 28.03.2025 – Basel, Switzerland – UVEX Academy
  • 04.04.2025 – Ruggell, Liechtenstein – CP-Consulting, kommod conference center

Benefits and added value

Participants develop concrete, solution-oriented cornerstones for a company-specific, customized safety strategy based on the "Safety P.L.A.N." principles.
In addition, participants can strengthen their personal competence in the area of "strategy development" and extend their professional network.
The "Safety P.L.A.N" is a practice-oriented, pragmatic step-by-step model for developing a company-specific "safety strategy".


Infografik Methodik
During the event, function-specific key topics are explained to the security experts, some of whom are new to strategy development.
The aim is to use the “Safety P.L.A.N” to work through the strategy development process, including the content-related, company-specific key points, and to develop a pragmatic and implementation-oriented strategy concept. Through “learning-by-doing”, conceptual aspects are linked to the company’s requirements in a solution-oriented manner.
During and after the event, participants have the opportunity to discuss specific aspects of their strategy development in individual discussions or in peer-to-peer sessions. A personal individual 2-hour coaching session in the form of a video conference is included, to take place within 8 weeks following the workshop. There is also the opportunity to discuss individual elements of the “security strategy” directly after the workshop with Peter Cavada or with the other participants in an informal discussion round.




In order to organize the workshop as efficiently as possible, some company-specific preparatory work is necessary, which is carried out on the basis of a predefined structure. (Start approx. 14 days before the workshop date)

Get together: (approx. 9:00)

In the introductory session, various basic strategic approaches in the area of "employee safety" are presented, discussed and linked to your own company.

Core: (until approx. 16:00)

The core is about getting to know the strategy development process using the "Safety-P.L.A.N." system and developing individual and company-oriented elements based on this.


After the formal workshop part, participants have the opportunity to discuss individual aspects with the event leader or with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

Follow up

Within 8 weeks after the workshop, a 2-hour individual coaching session is offered to each participant. The days are fixed in advance and the individual time slots can be reserved and booked directly in the workshop by the participants.

“The program is intended as a kick-off to further develop occupational safety strategically and anchor it sustainably in the company.”

Cavada Peter


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